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 March 6, 2014 - Remote operated hydraulic vises operating on a trunnion for 4th axis vertical machining operation.  

Milling of stump grinder cutting teeth on a Feeler vertical mill. Two Planet 4" double acting hydraulic vises mounted 90 degrees apart on a trunnion. With remote operation, the load/unload process could easily be fully automated.  Courtesy of Green Manufacturing & Methods Machinery

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 February 27, 2014 - Flexible Modular Hydraulic Workholding 

OEM Turnkey prodject with 2 -self contained hydraulic towers are used for a wide variety of part numbers on a horizontal machining center. Quick change top jaws and fixture plates allow the machine to be quickly reconfigured to run the parts required on a high volume, high mix application. 

The images below show the tower configured with vise jaws and quick change fixture plates. 



May 29, 2013 - New Installation of a 50" 6 - Jaw Chuck for Mazak Integrex 1060V8S VTL

Planet delivers a 50" 6 - jaw self centering chuck to a local customer for use on a Mazak Integrex VTL. The chuck is a lightweight Steel/Aluminum composite, weighing only 1832 lbs for a 50" x 9" chuck. The six jaw self centering configuration and special top tooling allow various shapes of parts to be clamped on center in 2 vise or 3 jaw chuck set ups.


March 12, 2013  -  Self Centering Hydraulic Vise   

Planet Products Corporation announces  the addition of the 6" hydraulic self centering vise to it's ProHold Series hydraulic vise line. This vise is a fully hydraulic double acting type with a total stroke of 4.25" and 11,000 lbs of clamping force at 3800 lbs of hydraulic pressure. Self centering clamping is repeatable within .001". The sealed lead screw assembly is continuously lubricated within the hydraulic assembly, requiring no on-going maintenance. Internal pressure accumulators allow the vise to hold pressure even with the hydraulic supply removed, allowing use on palletized systems.



January 18, 2003 - Flexible Modular Hydraulic Workholding now available- 

Introducing Planet's line of Flexible Modular Hydraulic Workholding which offers the benefits of hydraulic clamping with the flexibility and quick change characteristics of modular fixtures.  The ability to convert to various configurations quickly makes the system ideal for rapid set-ups in shops of all sizes - from small job shops to larger production facilities.


January 4, 2013 - New Equipment Purchase- Supertec CNC Grinder operational

Our new Supertec G20-50 CNC grinder was put into service in December  to replace a vintage Cincinnati manual grinder.  It can repeat set ups with saved programs and grind multiple diameters per part. This grinder was purchased to support our live tooling product line as well as to eliminate outside processes for customer turnkey parts and assemblies.  





December 18, 2012 - New Doosan Live Tooling

Planet introduces a double ended offset right angle tool for Doosan PUMA 230, 240, 250 1500, 2000, 2500 CNC lathes.  The 002039-4-85 live tool is a direct replacement for standard live tooling on Doosan lathes. Featuring Planet's patented liquid cooled bearings, allowing cooler running for greater accuracy and extended service life. 

 ProHold becomes Planet Workholding

ProHold Hydraulic workholding is now branded as Planet Workholding, adding to Planet's existing product lines for machine tool accessories, live tooling, and hydraulic products.




Planet Products Corporation | Precision Manufacturing for the Aerospace, Defense, Industrial and Machine Tool Industries